puis-je aller au paradis si je tue me
mon cheri, trouve-moi, j'ai peur
are you lost too?


all i do is sit around and eat and be sad im basically a more annoying version of a plant

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sexting like image

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does anyone ever like get all happy bc when u wipe theres no blood and u think your period is over so u stop wearing pads/tampons but then like 3 hours later u go to the bathroom adn u cry bc ur underwear is ruined and u were wrong and betrayed by ur vagina 

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Damage prediction on pears during transportation.

bad and naughty children get put in The Pear Wiggler to atone for their crimes

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Writing in my brain: Beautiful flowing sentences full of powerful phrases and enigmatically witty dialogue. 

Writing on the page: They did the thing and said some stuff. There was snark. 


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I love how girls are so chill like yea touch my boobs wanna snuggle heck yes but two guys will bump into eachother and be like woA NO HOMO MAN.

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my words sleep here

i am trapped suffocating on my words & wringing my wrists while i am convinced that it was selfish of myself for saying that this was more than i could take. so with this hopelessness in my heart, i will face each & every day knowing that my breath & blood were wasted over stupid fights & stupid feuds & stupid feelings that i couldn’t control nor repeal, so what happens next to me is a complete mystery. i am not prepared to handle this when i am so exhausted & devoted to the careful whims of silent depression & never breathing again. my skin may crave metal blades & scabs to pick, but my overpowering need to feel my stomach growl & my spine stretch & my ribcage through all of my sweaters feels more rewarding to me than any hurt i could inflict would. where i’m left to stand after all of this leaves me in a flustered mess with my head up on my shoulders & my guts & all the rest of me spread across the very floor i’d like to lay upon & never get up from. my cluttered mind throbs while my urges & impulses take over each & every task, leaving me with no say in what is right or wrong for me. i need someone to tell me. my story is a series of mistakes & bad choices, but maybe i can forgive myself eventually. what will it take to find a place i can call home? maybe i am looking in all the wrong places but oh my god those eyes speak of forgiveness & love that i need. can i place my heart in your hand for you to keep?

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